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Integrated Drone UAV Radar Tracking Radio Detection Identification and Defense System for Military use

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name EST
Certification CE&ROHS
Model Number UAV-J2020
Minimum Order Quantity 1PC
Packaging Details neutral packing
Delivery Time 7-10 working days
Payment Terms 100% before shipment, Western Union, T/T
Supply Ability 500pcs/week

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Product Details
Frequency Range 50MHz - 6GHz Detection Radius 5000m (depends On The Working Condition)
Ranging Accuracy ≤10%R Size Dia=500mm, H=500mm
High Light

dual band cell phone repeater


dual band signal booster

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Product Description

                             EST-GSM DCS Dual band Mobile Phone Signal Repeater/Amplifier/Booster

Integrated Drone UAV Radar Tracking Radio Detection Identification and Defense System for Military use

Integrated Drone UAV Radar Tracking Radio Detection Identification and Defense System for Military use 0

1. Summary

UAV-J2020 is a special system for UAV detection and interference integrated through the detection and certification of the Security and Police Electronic Product Quality Inspection Center of the Ministry of Public Security. The system is used for UAV detection, identification and interference. The system integrates collaborative spectrum perception and deep neural network. Through radio detection technology, the characteristic signal, big data processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning to realize effective detection, identification and orientation tracking of low-altitude UAV in the defense area. The system realizes the low-altitude three-dimensional protection of the defense area within a radius of more than 5,000 meters, which has been widely used in government organs, prison guards, airlines and airports, military restricted areas, major activities and other fields.


2. System Function

The operating terminal is a core system with six functions: automatic detection, counter transmission, signal recording, equipment connection status display, system setting and system shutdown. Realize the multi-target intrusion alarm, target identification and positioning, display target movement track and flight control hand position display function.


3.1 Detect Interface

The system detection range covers 50 MHz-6GHz, and detects the own map transmission autonomous learning.

The following will explain the functions in sequence according to the numerical order of the interface:

1. Start: Detect drones.

2. Stop: Stop detection.

3. Setting: Antenna, detection frequency band, network, etc. can be set; (cannot be set during detection)

4. Unattended: Once the drone is detected after activation, it will automatically jamming.

5. Offline Maps: Switching between offline and online maps.

6. Roof Strong Interference Mode: In complex electromagnetic environments, such as on the roofs of many buildings, activating this function can increase the detection distance.

7. Complex Electromagnetic Environment: Used in complex electromagnetic environments.

8. Detection Method: Selectable frequency band group scanning or single frequency scanning

9. Artificial Level: If you have certain radio knowledge, you can identify targets in complex electromagnetic environments based on level setting parameters

10. Jamming: Enter the reverse control interface.

11. Browsing History: browsing history.

12. Export Detection Results: Export detection results in the form of a table.

13. Playback of Drone History Trajectory: This function can depict the flight trajectory of a drone by selecting the number on the left side of the detection result list with the mouse.

14. Clear Detection Result Database: Clear the detection results.

15. Detection Results

16. Remote Control Detection Results

17. White List: Clicking on the serial number in the drone detection result will result in the option of whether to whitelist this drone. If it is whitelisted, it will not be jamming.


3.2 Interference the Emission Interface

The UAV interference of the system suppresses the remote control signal and map transmission signal of the UAV through directional electromagnetic interference, so that the UAV loses the remote control of the remote control, so as to realize the return or crash landing. Through the integration of detection data and control strategy, the system automatically points to the detected target orientation and counterattack band interference with the UAV. The countermeasure performance can be improved by 4-6 times, while the equipment can avoid interference to normal WIFI and other communications, and avoid accidental damage to the whitelist aircraft in specific frequency bands and specific angles.


3.3 Signal Recording Interface

UAV detection and interference system is the only open to the customer drone signal characteristic recording, for a new type of drones, can choose figure or jump frequency signal recording, figure signal recording, start recording after double click the drone spectrum map frequency, and adjust the gain and reference level, record storage can identify the model.


3.4 System Setting Interface

The setting system of UAV detection and jamming system includes five functions: antenna setting, detection and frequency band setting, eliminating detection and alarm frequency band setting, network setting and software and database update.

3.4.1 Antenna Setting

According to the geographical situation of the detection, if the back is a mountain or a tall building, the Angle range of protection can be set arbitrarily, which can effectively eliminate the false azimuth Angle caused by signal reflection.

3.4.2 Detecting Frequency Band

The detection frequency band range of the UAV detection and interference system covers 50MHz-6GHz, and the antenna coverage frequency band is 380 MHz-6GHz. Autonomous learning of image transmission signal, WIFI recognition, frequency hopping signal AI intelligent learning, 2.4G/5.8G frequency band autonomous learning and single frequency band autonomous learning, so as to realize the identification and detection of unknown UAV outside the database.

3.4.3 Eliminate the Function of Detection and Alarm Frequency Band

When the system self-study function is started, there may be some false positives. In the system setting, it can be set to eliminate the alarm band, such as mobile communication band, radio and TV band.

3.4.4 Network Settings

3.4.5 Software and Database Update

3.5 Advanced Features

3.5.1 Side Function of Arbitrary Signals

The system has the lateral function of any signal. In the detection of the detection interface, double-click the desired lateral frequency in the spectrum diagram to exit the lateral direction and approximate distance of this frequency. For special signals, this function can be used for lateral determination.

After stopping the detection, the lateral function of this signal is canceled by itself.

3.5.2 Autonomous Learning Function of Frequency Hopping Signal

For autonomous learning jump frequency signal, in the process of detection, after the environment stable [detection after a period of time] can press the right button in the detection results bar to eliminate the flying drone jump frequency signal alarm, the other unmanned aircraft jump frequency signal alarm will be eliminated, if there is illegal jump frequency unmanned aircraft, will be real alarm.

After the detection is stopped, the alarm elimination function of the frequency hopping signal is canceled by itself.


3. System Parameter

The main technical parameters of the UAV detection and jamming system are shown in the following table:

Detection Frequency Range 50MHz ~6GHz
Detection Radius 5000m (depending on the working condition)
Real-time Broadband Processing 160MHz
Ranging Accuracy ≤10%R
Horizontal Extent 0-360°
Jamming Frequency Band 1 (895~935) ± 5 MHz / 25W
Frequency Band 2 (1165~1285) ± 5 MHz / 10W (PRO version optional)
Frequency Band 3 (1555~1635) ± 5 MHz / 10W
Frequency Band 4 (2395~2505) ± 5 MHz / 25W*2
Frequency Band 5 (5130~5395) ± 5 MHz / 50W (PRO version optional)
Frequency Band 6 (5730~5865) ± 5 MHz / 25W*2
Frequency Band 7 (433) (PRO version is optional)
Shielding Distance 1000m-2000m
Response Time ≤3s
Operating System White List possess
Unattended Operation possess
Data Storage, Historical Track Playback possess
Signal Recording possess
Mono Station Locating possess
Sound and Light Alarm Function possess
Tractor Parameter Levels of Protection Level IP65
Size Integrated Drone UAV Radar Tracking Radio Detection Identification and Defense System for Military use 1=500mm, H=500mm
Weight 15KG
Maximum Power Dissipation

Detection 60W;

band countermeasures <750W

Working Temperature -30°-60°
Integrated Drone UAV Radar Tracking Radio Detection Identification and Defense System for Military use 2
Integrated Drone UAV Radar Tracking Radio Detection Identification and Defense System for Military use 3