• China EASTLONGE ELECTRONICS(HK) CO.,LTD company profile
  • China EASTLONGE ELECTRONICS(HK) CO.,LTD company profile
  • China EASTLONGE ELECTRONICS(HK) CO.,LTD company profile
  • China EASTLONGE ELECTRONICS(HK) CO.,LTD company profile
  • China EASTLONGE ELECTRONICS(HK) CO.,LTD company profile
  • China EASTLONGE ELECTRONICS(HK) CO.,LTD company profile
  • China EASTLONGE ELECTRONICS(HK) CO.,LTD company profile
Main Market North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Worldwide
Business Type Manufacturer
Brands EST
No. of Employees 200~300
Annual Sales 20000000-50000000
Year Established 2002
Export p.c 80% - 90%


Estlonda founded in 2003, its predecessor was Longhua Estlonda Electronics Factory in Baoan District, Shenzhen. It’s a national high-tech enterprise which is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of wireless communication equipment. We are also the strategic partner in the field of 5G private network and 5G multi-functional smart pole wireless communication for State Information Center (National E-Government External Network Management Center). Also as a certified enterprise by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Radio Commission, and the vice president company of Guangdong High-Tech Industry Chamber, Emergency Governance Society of Shenzhen and Shenzhen Smart Street Light Association.

We are mainly focused on the R&D and manufacturing of 5G mobile phone signal jammers, 5G base station, 5G gateways, 5G core network, 5G private network, 5G public network blind filling and other communication equipment, as well as a 5G multifunctional smart pole solution provider. As the first and largest manufacturer in China to produce mobile phone signal jammers, we are with a market share more than 80%. The Chinese headquarters is located in Longhua District, Shenzhen, and the foreign headquarters is in Hannover, Germany. There are two R&D centers in Nanshan, Shenzhen and Nanjing, Jiangsu. Our R&D team is mainly composed of outstanding R&D personnel in communications from Silicon Valley in the United States and major semiconductor universities in Belgium.

With 5G technology and product research and development as the core, and relies on the 5G+ multifunctional smart pole industry foundation to build smart cities, smart campuses, smart parks, smart scenic spots, smart emergency, smart roads, smart ports, smart mines, smart ports, smart factories, smart terminals, and etc., we provide research and development, production of 5G core network, 5G base station, 5G gateway and other private network communication equipment, and 5G global private network solutions, provide 5G private network services for digital factories, digital parks, digital governments, and digital China, to solve the communication and interconnection problems in various places without communication methods and network signals.

As a leading wireless communication equipment manufacturer and solution provider, our products and solutions have been widely used in schools, prisons, troops, conferences, confidentiality, enterprises, finance, electricity, coal mines, public security, hospitals, ports, government agencies, transportation systems and other fields, in the same track with Huawei and ZTE. It has participated in the formulation of national standards many times, obtained a number of patents and soft works, and has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system. It is a qualified supplier of China Mobile Communications.

In addition to in-depth cooperation with China's four major carriers, central enterprises, and state-owned enterprises, we also participates in the testing and construction of 5G public networks of telecom operators in Hong Kong Telecom, Brunei, Palau, Southeast Asia and other countries. In the future, we will also cooperate with partners to participate in overseas operators testing and construction of 5G communication network.


In July 2000, Eastlonge was established in Hong Kong, and Shenzhen Eastlonda Electronics Co., Ltd was established at the same time, becoming one of the first companies to enter the communication industry, committed to the research and development and production of signal shielding. In the past few years, we have developed and sold a large number of mobile phone signal shielding products that are well received by the market, helping customers solve the problems of cheating in examination rooms and mobile phone interference in meeting rooms.


With the increasing demand of customers in the use of sites and shielded signal subjects, we have developed and produced prison high-power blockers, bomb blockers, GPS anti-tracking blockers, wireless camera wireless microphone blockers, and some FM radio blockers. Finally in 2008 to occupy nearly 70% of the domestic and foreign market market share, including the education system, military police system and private security system including the major industries, and gradually applied for a variety of utility model patents, firmly control their own innovation and technology, in the shield industry shine.


In 2015, Eastlonge changed its name to Shenzhen Eastlonda Communications Co., Ltd. Since then, new frontiers have been opened. In the following two years, we have developed more than a dozen signal detection and analysis equipment, widely used in various industries, especially for the military police system has played a vital role.


In 2017, Eastlonge began to invest in the research and development of 5G chips and CPE, and developed into the first truly meaningful 5G signal detection, signal shielding, 5G private network ultra-simple deployment communication equipment manufacturer and solution provider in 2019.


We believe that in the next few years, we will surely become an excellent global wireless communication equipment solution provider.




Eastlonge always provides you value-added and one-stop services.



24 Hours Customer Service:


Freely contact us for business and cooperation. We have rich experiences in RF area and willing to march forward to do better. The best, suitable, quickly service will be provided and all you need to do is to contact us in any way you like.


Contact: Amy Cheah

WhatsApp / Direct Line: +86 134 1856 8064

Email: amy@szeastlonge.com / alina1013@foxmail.com

Factory Address: 3F./4F., Zhenyingtai Technology Park, Hebei Industry Zone, Longhua District, Shenzhen 518109, China


Payment Terms:


50% deposit before mass production, balance before shipment.


We are available for PayPal, Western Union, and wire transfer, our account is as below for your reference, you can pay any suitable method as you like.


PayPal: 343625271@qq.com


Western Union:
First Name: Zhihui
Last Name: Zheng
City: Shenzhen, China


Wire Transfer to our HSBC USD account:
Bank Name: HSBC Hong Kong
Bank Address: 1 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
Bank Code: 004 (for local payment)
SWIFT Address: HSBCHKHHHKH(for telegraphic transfers)
A/C No.: 817-254592-838
(Note: Please pay the bank charge for both sides)


Warranty Terms:


Our product quality is guaranteed based on our excellent designs and reliable hardware.


We have our own professional QA team, who will check all of orders before packing to make sure all the right accessories are included and the adapters & other standards are correct for our clients.


A 12 months warranty will be covered by all the products, you can have the service for return, repair, or replacement if any problem.

Our Team

We are located in Shenzhen with convenient transportation access. We have 12000 square meters coverage, 6500 square meters R&D and production space, with more than 10 network analyzer,30 frequency spectrograph,33 debugging lines and 10 production line. We have all kinds of frequency spectrum, SMT, laser marking machine, high-low temperature test chamber, vibration measurement, etc. We test and control the quaity of our cell phone Signal jammer & Wireless RF signal Blocker with these equipments to make sure all our products can work stably in different hard conditions. We have over 50 experienced RF workers with capacity for portable handheld signal jammer 10000 units / month, desktop middle power cell phone signal jammer 8000 units / month, high power prison jammer and outdoor waterproof jammer 3000units / month, full band VIP DDS RCIED bomb jammer, Vehicle mounted jammer, manpack briefcase jammer, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) Jammer 600units / month.

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With the growth of the business and the expansion of the research and development field, we have purchased 35 mu of land in Zhongshan and are establishing a new factory covering an area of about 23,310 square meters and a construction area of about 84,000 square meters. Will be equipped with a 5G+ scene application terminal equipment R&D center building, mainly for 5G small base station technology, high precision ranging infinite hop MESH AD hoc communication system, mobile phones and various wireless signal blockers/amplifiers/detectors technology development and hardware support. For 5G+ smart road light pole/agriculture/industry/forestry/medical/smart city/transportation/mining and so on, more than 50 have been involved in the layout of the sand table scenario. Three building of terminal production centers for basic processing, product testing production area, research and development area, office area. It mainly includes machining workshop, machine room aging workshop, radio frequency test workshop, signal shielding simulation workshop, 5G signal environment layout workshop, ultra-clean assembly/commissioning workshop, reliability laboratory, incoming material inspection laboratory, and production workshops for related categories. One building of 5G supply chain inspection and testing center, Southeast University doctoral industry-university-research practice base and university talent cultivation center. One building of living area, dormitory for talents and experts and other living facilities.

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Our company has got the ISO9001 International Standard Certification. Upon the tenet of "make innovation, strive for perfection" and the aim is to offer the best product to clients, we are willing to cooperate with friends from China and all over the world to create a long term win-win cooperation.

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