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UAV-J2020 Series 160MHz 230W Spectrum Detection Counter UAV System

Place of Origin China Mainland
Brand Name EST
Certification CE, RoHS
Model Number UAV-J2031
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Delivery Time 5-10 working days after payment received
Payment Terms Western Union, T/T, Paypal

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Product Details
Type Counter UAV / UAS System (Drone Detection & Countermeasures System) Detection Frequency Range 10MHz~6GHz (full Band Detection)
Real-time Detection Bandwidth 160MHz Horizontal Detection Angle 0°-360°
Vertical Detection Angle -30°-90° Detection Distance Under Normal Conditions Up To 2.0 Km Under Ideal Conditions Up To 5.0 Km
Shielding Distance >1.5km Interference Frequency 4 Default Frequencies(900-930MHz, 1559-1610MHz, 2400-2485MHz, 5725-5850MHz), Optional Additional 6 Frequencies, Customize As Per Your Requirements
Main Unit Dimension 400*400*565mm Power Consumption 230W
Main Unit Weight 14.41kg 3D Positioning Drone Yes
Recognized WIFI Drone Yes Autonomous Identification Of Unrecorded Drones Yes
Operating Temperature -20°C~60°C Storage Temperature -40°C~70°C
High Light

Spectrum Detection Counter UAV System


160MHz Counter UAV System


230W Anti Drone System

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Product Description

UAV-J2020 Series Counter UAV System Anti-drone System Spectrum Detection & Radio Interference System


1. Features


⚫ Detection and countermeasures are integrated,smaller and lighter;

⚫Autonomous identification of unrecorded drones, including industrial, consumer drones;

⚫ 3D positioning drone,azimuth,pitch&high;

⚫ Applicable for industrial, consumer and WIFI drones;

⚫ Full band detect,from 10MHz to 6GHz;

⚫ Can handle more than 10 targets at once,detect & interfere;

⚫ Unattended and manual work , two work mode;

⚫ Protect the public security for:

◼ Airports;

◼ Government Offices;

◼ Events;

◼ Hospital;

◼ Prisons;

◼ Power and Water plants;

◼ Other important places;


2. Applications



W30 series products can be moved and fixed used. When a temporary major event is deployed, the W30 can be erected at a position to be deployed through a mobile bracket. High-value targets, such as airports, government departments, prisons, nuclear power stations, and hydropower stations, etc., have fixed equipment deployed nearby and implement 7 * 24 hours of protection to prevent interference from malicious drones.

Simultaneously, W30 series products can be networked through multiple devices at the same time to perform centralized monitoring in a central control room to protect a larger area.


3. Specifications

Device Type: Drone Detection & Countermeasures System)
Radio Frequency: From 10MHz to 6GHz
Real-time Detected bandwidth: 160MHz
Horizontal detection angle range: 0°-360°
Vertical detection angle range: -30°-90°
Detection distance: Under normal conditions up to 2.0 km Under ideal conditions up to 5.0 km
Shielding distance: >1.5Km

Interference frequency:












433.05-434.79MHz 40±1dBm

840-850MHz 40±1dBm

900-930MHz 40±1dBm

840-930MHz 40±1dBm

1180-1280MHz 40±1dBm

1350-1450MHz 40±1dBm

1559-1610MHz 40±1dBm

2400-2485MHz 40±1dBm

5150-5350MHz 40±1dBm

5725-5850MHz 43±1dBm

3D positioning drone: Yes
GPS Entrapment: W30A
Set Black and White list: Only W30B
Precision strike: Only W30B
Recognized WIFI drone : Yes
Autonomous identification of unrecorded drones: Yes
Operating Temperature: -20° to 60°
Storage Temperature: -40° to 70°
Power Consumption: 230W
Size: 400*400*565mm
Weight: 14.41Kg




4. Description

UAV-J2020 Series 160MHz 230W Spectrum Detection Counter UAV System 0

Remarks: With "*" as the dominant control function


4.1 Detection function

4.1.1 Unmanned aircraft identification and positioning


Using radio spectrum detection, can simultaneously identify and locate ten unmanned aircraft(some other spectrum detection systems is two), automatically pop up the detection results window, identify unmanned aircraft pictures, Displays the drone model, azimuth, pitch, frequency of use, level and distance. The results will be rearranged if the drone disappears, as shown in Figure 4-1 below.



UAV-J2020 Series 160MHz 230W Spectrum Detection Counter UAV System 1


Figure 4-1 Detection interface



4.1.2 Black and white list function(next coming funtion)

Depending on unmanned aircraft allowed fly in the flight area, it can be marked in the flight state or can be recorded in advance. The allowed unmanned aircraft is white listed, after entering the home unit, the difference color is displayed. When the interference is made, it prompts “anti carefully ".


4.1.3 Quick identification and positioning

Identification time <1s; measured position time <3s. The unmanned aircraft can be identified and located within the range of visibility conditions.


4.1.4 Detection result list

The identified drones are displayed in this list to save the model, time, azimuth, pitch angle, distance and altitude information of the drone or the operator identified in the detection range, and these can all be exported. For the report, as shown in Figure 4-2 below.



UAV-J2020 Series 160MHz 230W Spectrum Detection Counter UAV System 2


Figure 4-2 list of detection results of drones



4.1.5 * Single station three-dimensional positioning


Using radio spectrum detection, the distance between the drone and the operator can be roughly measured by complex algorithms under single station and single location conditions, using azimuth and pitch angles to achieve single-station three-dimensional positioning functions, as shown in Figure 4-1.


4.1.6 Map display function

The location of the unmanned aircraft and the controller is marked under a 2D (3D) map, and data such as latitude, longitude, altitude, and distance are displayed, and the unmanned aircraft and the controller are clear at a glance, as shown in Figure 4-1 above.


4.1.7 * Detective angle can be set


According to the geographical situation of the detection, if the back is a mountain or a tall building, and only need to protect the front unmanned aircraft, the angle range of the protection can be arbitrarily set, which can effectively eliminate the false angle caused by signal reflection.


The pitch angle in the vertical direction can also be set. the pitch angle range and the pitch angle resolution is according to actual needs.


4.1.8 * Distance calibration

For different electromagnetic environments, the detected distance will have errors. The system can provide distance calibration detection, so that the unmanned aircraft can fly 100 meters away at a distance of 500 meters. The system will automatically calibrate the detection distance to make the detection distance more accurate.


4.1.9 *Set the detection frequency band


Depending on the actual frequency band of the unmanned aircraft (or when the frequency band is used by the unmanned aircraft), the detected frequency bands can be entered and edited to make the detection more efficient, and it is not necessary for all frequency bands to be swept.


UAV-J2020 Series 160MHz 230W Spectrum Detection Counter UAV System 3


Figure4-3 detection settings



4.1.10 General alert and high alert

In order to meet the needs of long-term use in fixed places, the system has a general alert function, usually using omnidirectional antenna detection, for general alert, after the discovery of the unmanned aircraft, start the high alert and locate the unmanned aircraft.


4.1.11 Full band detection


The system equipment detects the frequency band from 10MHz to 6GHz, and the antenna coverage band is 380MHz-6GHz. It maintains good gain flatness in the whole frequency band. The antenna gain is from 5dBi-8dBi, which can adapt to all common frequency bands from more than 300 megahertz to 6GHz. The unmanned aircraft is detected, and the frequency below 380MHz can also be detected, and the detection distance is reduced.


4.2 Shielding function


4.2.1 Intelligent linkage countermeasure


According to the detected frequency, azimuth and pitch angle of the unmanned aircraft, you can choose to interfere the UAV/drone that is detected. The system will automatically select the frequency band for counter-attack pointing the known azimuth and pitch angles, that it had been measured before. With counter-production, the counter-productive performance can be increased by 4 to 6 times, and the equipment can be avoid to interference with normal WIFI, other communications and accidentally injuring white-listed aircraft in specific frequency band and in specific angle.


4.2.2 Drive away and make a forced landing


The system provides drive-off (let the aircraft return to one-touch) and forced-down dual-reverse mode, which can be selected according to the site environment, and prompts "GPS interference is used cautiously to avoid affecting aircraft navigation", as shown in Figure 4-5.



UAV-J2020 Series 160MHz 230W Spectrum Detection Counter UAV System 4


Figure 4-5Interference interface



4.2.3 Omni-directional antenna


When there are too many illegal UAVs, in other words, the entire fleet attack, you can start the Omni-directional interference mode to drive all the UAV / drones back or down.


UAV-J2020 Series 160MHz 230W Spectrum Detection Counter UAV System 5



4.3 Packing List 


* W30 System Main Unit(drone spectrum detection & radio interference system)-------1 set

* Terminal Laptop-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 piece

* Cables-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 set

* Stands-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 set

* External Antenna---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 set

* Device Case---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 piece

* User Manual---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 piece